An Immaculate Conception

Life starts right after you click the order button! sTRK’s world leading technologies miraculously create your baby with all your selected options.

Free for You

Christmas babies come with a selection of three exotic scents – gifts for you at this special time.

IHS series

All Christmas babies are based on sTRK’s IHS genome. The product of years of research, IHS ensures that your baby will remain flawless throughout its lifetime.

Coloured to match

Babies are available in number of ethnicities to fit your lifestyle. Chose the tone for you!

No waiting

Our advanced fully automated adventus process ensures your baby will be delivered within 22-28 days of your order.

Peace of Mind

We want you to feel that your child is just right. You may return your Christmas baby for re-processing with our Herod promise system for up to two years after delivery and receive a full refund.

Mark of Faith

Christmas babies bare the same proof of authenticity as all other sTRK™ infants, a discreet marking on the skin that will fade within three months.